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Tipsy Bird Story

Welcome to the Wild Side! Tipsy Bird Gastrobar is your go-to for the best live entertainment, good vibes & great grubs at Paya Lebar. 

The team at Tipsy Collective is a Multi-concept F&B holding Group in Singapore, bringing people together through the places under their belt. 

They are Tipsy Penguin at Tampines, Lady Wu in the heart of Raffles Place, Takeshi Noodle Bar along Keong Saik & more upcoming projects in the coming year.

At Tipsy Bird, whether you’re a health-freak bird or a cheeky bird, we have an array of dishes suited for all!

You get to be whoever you want to be because hey, life’s a party we believe if you want to be free, then be free! 

Come have a wild one with us!
❤, The Tipsy Family


The Stove That Doesn’t Sleep

At Takeshi, we use a rolling boil (uniquely asian) technique where the broth is boiled rapidly with lots of bubbling. This brings out all the gelatin, fat & goodness from the bones & collagen from the skins(動物性の皮), cartilage(軟骨), tendons(筋) & the sweetness from the vegetables(野菜) & kelp(昆布).